Since our club was established in 1957, we have been involved in many outdoor activities and support our local communities and businesses. Whether you're a seasoned shooter of trap, archery, pistols, rifles or just looking for a fun & memorable club to belong to, we are always looking for responsible, active members who want to build up the shooting sports and get our youth into the outdoors!

*** Members Monthly Meeting***

Monday, February 14th at the Village Pub in Silver Lake at 7 pm

Thank You Marty Bilecki Sr. for the years of service!!

Additional information for members:

Election Results:

   - Brian Wagemann is the new SLSC President

   - Marty Bilecki, Jr. has been appointed Vice President for 2022

   - Marty Daniels and Marty Bilecki, Jr. will retain their board seats for 3 more years.

Annual Dues for 2022 must be paid by the February meeting

($100 - Please pay by check)

Reminder: All members are required to participate in 2 work parties, attend 4 meetings, Sell/Purchase $100 worth of picnic tickets and get their dues paid by the February meeting.

Interested in becoming a member?

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